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Turn your amp incredibly high and get superb overdrive tone without muddying Low Output. Built with those who like pretty boy modern blues. Low output is the answer. Very similar to the pickups used in the Custom JM set. There is honestly no set like this on the market...none.

The neck is made with 42 AWG heavy formvar, wound to 4.8k yielding low output with more highs. This allows the player to push their amps to incredible limits not easily accomplished with higher output pickups. The unique feature of being underwound allows the amp and pedal chain to breathe even more...allowing the player to push the pedal / amp chain even more without muddying up. The middle is vintage, but with RW/RP here to accomplish sweet hum canceling quack. Wound to 5.3k using 42 AWG Heavy Formvar. The bridge is very much vintage in output at 5.6k, it is considered hot in relation to the neck and middle. This set is great for alder instruments with maple or rosewood necks.

They deliver incredible vintage warmth with organic tone and depth found in many higher end boutique pickups. The depth of tone will offer crisp bright highs, tight bottom end that bell tone that the pickups of the 50s are known for. These pickups will respond incredibly well to pedals and effects especially the overdrive found in many vintage amplifiers. You can expect your pickups to offer the tone and your amp the gain.

The Perfect set for Blues, Classic Rock and Aggressive Rock and most other similar styles of music. A true vintage staggered & voiced Single Coil. Specs: Neck 5k Middle RW/RP 5.3k Bridge 5.6k


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