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100% Made in USA A set like no other.

This set is designed for those who want to Shine like a Crazy Diamond and is perfect for 5 or 7 way switching. Built with the psychedalic player in mind, this set offers the vintage tone with a fat and robust bridge. There is honestly no set like this on the market...none.

The neck is made with 42 AWG heavy formvar, wound to 6.5k offering superb mid ranges with the perfect amount of vintage bell chime. The bottom end is tight but has the punch like no other. Strong and robust woman tone with the right touch of high end. The middle is vintage, no RW/RP here. Wound to 6.75k using 42 AWG Heavy Formvar, this yield even more emphasis on mid range pop. Not too high or too low, yielding a very usable middle pickup without sacrificing tone or output and very true to its vintage heritage. The bridge is completely special and designed for 7 way switching. Using 43 AWG plain enamel wire, this bridge has bite, brawn and strength. Off setting the highs the bridge position leaves us with, you'll find a strong presence of mid range tones with equal balance of highs and tight lows. While most sets are not designed for the tones of the neck and bridge, this one is. It is perfect for what we call "DeeGee" tone so often sought by vintage psychedalic enthusiasts.

The DeeGee's deliver incredible vintage warmth with organic tone and depth found in many higher end boutique pickups. The depth of tone will offer crisp bright highs, tight bottom end that bell tone that the pickups of the 50s are known for. These pickups will respond incredibly well to pedals and effects especially the overdrive found in many vintage amplifiers. You can expect your pickups to offer the tone and your amp the gain.

The Perfect set for 5 or 7 way switching, British Psychedalic Rock, Blues, Classic Rock and Aggressive Rock and most other similar styles of music. Extremely verstatile set. A true vintage staggered & voiced Single Coil.

Specs: Neck 6.5k Middle 6.75k Bridge 13k


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by gilmourjunkie
on 5/12/2010
Coming back to life
I waited a bit before posting a review, because we are all aware of that honeymoon phase in which the item you just received is the best thing in the world. Well, its been 4 months and I'm still in love with these pickups. I've tried G*S, T0nerider, F@nder, etc. and I've sold them all. These pickups have been in my ProTone for months and while they had A5's in it, they were weak and lifeless... the Nico's brought this guitar to life. Simply put, these pickups (along with a great amp) can get you to Gilmour nirvana quickly. They sound just as I had hoped... warm, bell-like, but with a strong bridge pup for those searing Gilmour solos. But they aren't just for Floyd stuff, I played an entire 3 hr. show using just one guitar with these pickups... very versatile. Have Jose wire you a 7 way assembly and you'll never look at the strat the same way again. Excellent pups, excellent quality, excellent deal, & most importantly, excellent service. What more do you want? I can't wait to get my hands on more Nicos. They are the best kept secret in the biz. Check out my YouTube video for a demo.
by Angela
on 4/23/2010
dee gee pickups
pickups are awesome. sound amazing in an old mim strat through a 15 watt tube amp. delivery was delayed but they more than made up for it. And these things are great, for the price they are amazing.
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