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Nico's USA Custom Shop 60s 7 Way Loaded Fender Stratocaster Pickguard - White

Pure White Setup
7 Way Switching
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Nico's USA handcrafted pickups are quickly taking the guitar playing world by storm. High quality at a fair price with unbeatable vintage American tone, a combination that is simply too good to pass up.

This Custom Shop 60s offering is no different. Quality electronics and Nico's yielding unprecedented vintage tone with affordability in mind.

This setup is wound with plain enamel 42 AWG wire and offers sweet 60s tone with a stronger mid range presence. Just enough balance of highs, mid range and punchy bass. The slight overwind, ensures that warm tone vintage pickups are known for. Clear, warm, crisp bell tone with depth and dynamics plus a bigger and hotter Strat sound with a slight "fat 60s tone".

Completely handrcafted in America using period correct vintage materials including gray fiber bobbins, push back cloth leads and accurate magnet wire. The magnets are Alnico V and are guaranteed to deliver high quality, rich and deep organic vintage 60s tone.

Experience Tone! Nico's USA.

Pickguard Switching
1. Traditional 5 Way

  • Neck
  • Neck/Middle in Parallel
  • Middle
  • Middle/Bridge in Parallel
  • Bridge

2. 7 Way

  • Neck
  • Neck/Middle in Parallel
  • Neck/Middle n Parallel
  • Neck/Middle/Bridge in Parallel
  • Neck/Bridge

The Pickups: Nico's USA Custom Shop for Strat

Handcrafted in the USA, Nico's USA has a reputation for high quality with amazing tone for a great price. Offering the best of American boutique quality, these pickups are constructed with all American components. 

The tone is rich, vibrant and deep with organic and warm qualities found in higher end pickups. Wound by Nico's USA Custom Shop to our specific requests, the neck is rated at 6.2k, middle rw/rp at 6.5k and the bridge at 6.7k. You can expect a higher end richness in your guitar with a traditional chime and quack. The mid range will give a you full rich sound.

The pickups are made with Alnico V magnets, plain enamel magnet wire at 42 awg, and use vintage pull back cloth leads. The bobbins are vintage black & gray fiber at traditional vintage spec.

The Pickguard

The pickguard is manufactured in Denver, CO using the highest quality components and soldering techniques. The electronics use an American 5 way switch, 250K potentiometers, and .47 quality electronics cap. The accessories are all white and includes hardware and 3 ply white pickguard. Installation is same as a standard pickguard. Solder or crimp connect just 3 wires.

Fully Tested and Warranted

Pickguard comes with 365 day warranty and has been fully tested. Keep receipt. Item is fully warranted and guaranteed for 1 year. Just keep the pickguard as you bought it! In other words, don't change the pickups, pickguard or electronics. Install it according to the instructions and take care of it. Any sign of tampering or change to pickguard  can void the warranty (pickups or electronics or pickguard or accessories).


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