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100% Hand wound in the USA! While Boutique winders try to gouge players for a "vintage set" or "antiquated set" for some "magic" set of pickups. We've taken a practical and sensible approach to pickup winding and vintage voiced single coil pickups. Hand Wound perfectly to achieve 60s voicing with perfect calibration.

These pickups are made with Alnico V magnets hand calibrated to achieve the warmest tone possible. The pickup wire is 42 AWG Plain Enamel which offers incredible high end but not bright, with plenty of mid range and a tight bottom end. For vintage correctness we offer cloth leads. Great for that traditional 60s Tone with a bridge that is less bright perfectly for vintage voicing with a slight bite.

These pickups tend to have a tighter bottom with a tad more bite for more aggressive vintage voicing.

Specs: Neck 5.8k Middle RW/RP 6.5k Bridge 7.2k


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