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100% Made in USA This set allows players to get their bite from their amps rather than the pickups. Our great player from Austin had '59 overwound pickups made with Heavy Formvar not Plain Enamel. The '59 Overwinds will allow your amp to breath and obtain crystal clear tones without the grit or bite. The middle position is RW/RP to obtain superb quack tones. The neck is nice and warm, but not overpowering at 6.0k. The bridge is absolutely awesome with a sweet robust bridge offering the perfect mix of highs, mids and lows.

The set offers unbeatable warm dynamically rich tone and defintion while still delivering that awesome 50s bell tone. They deliver incredible vintage warmth with organic tone and depth found in many higher end boutique pickups. The depth of tone will offer crisp bright highs, tight bottom end that bell tone that the pickups of the 50s are known for. These pickups will respond incredibly well to pedals and effects especially the overdrive found in many vintage amplifiers. You can expect your pickups to offer the tone and your amp the gain.

The Perfect set for Hot Texas Blues, Classic Rock, and most other styles of music. Extremely verstatile set. A true vintage staggered & voiced Single Coil.

Specs: Neck 6.0k Middle RW/RP 6.5k Bridge7.0k


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by Matthew
on 9/14/2012
True 50’s Single Coil Vintage Voicing, but with an Attitude!
I just recently installed a set of these pickups, along with a custom wired harness to compliment them. The short time that I have had them, I found that they definitely give me that classic vintage 50’s chime and brightness, to a nice warm well rounded tone in the neck, with plenty of low end punch that remains tight. I find these pickups to be well balanced, and very versatile for many different genres and styles, while letting the natural sound of your instrument and amp shine, instead of being colored by the pickups. I have found that these Nico’s`59 overwind pickups really do love aggressive higher mid-range amps, and love my overdrive pedals too. With a clean amp, they remain clear and articulate, without being to glassy. The Fender `96 Plus Stratocaster I just installed them into was just sitting in the case, under my bed most of the time, and now I think it’s going to become one of my favorite go to guitars, since installing these pickups.
by Christopher
on 4/14/2011
Nails that SRV voicing.
What a great sounding set of pickups, they were just what I was looking for. you'd beleiev me if I told you they were $300 they sound so nice.... good thing they arent! the only slight criticism i have is that the bridge position can be on the brighter side. But it definately bareable. maybe a few tweeks with pickup height will do the trick. other than that they NAIL the hot texas blues genre!
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